16. Seals

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There are more than 560 seal matrices and in the region of 400 seal impressions in the Schoyen collection, 27 available on this website. The collection starts with 150 stamp seal matrices from the 5th and 4th millennium BC, and ends with wax seals on medieval documents and papal lead bullas.

Scorpion Stamp Seel | MS 3180

MS on clay, North Syria/highland Iran, 7th-6th millennium BC, 1 oval stamp seal, 4,9x4,0x3,9 cm, with gable handle pierced through.

Maltese Cross Stamp Seal | MS 2407/13

MS on grey steatite, North Syria/North Iraq/Iran, 5th millennium BC, 1 square stamp seal, 3,0x3,5x0,6 cm, 1 pictographic sign on reverse, pierced through.

Man & Horned Animals Stamp Seal | MS 2411/1

MS on speckled dark-olive steatite or chlorite, North Syria/Iraq/Iran, 5th-4th millennium BC, 1 circular stamp seal, diam. 8,4x1,3 cm, pierced through.

Ibex Stamp Seal | MS 2409/01

MS on black steatite or chlorite, North Syria or Anatolia, 4th millennium BC, 1 rectangular gabled stamp seal, 4,7x5,1x1,3 cm, pierced through.

Jemdet Nasr Cylinder Seal | MS 3020/1

Cylinder seal on black chlorite, Sumer, ca. 31st c. BC, 1 seal, h. 2,8 cm, diam 2,0 cm, showing 2 types of vegetation flax and reed stalks.


MS in archaic Egyptian on black stone, Egypt, 1st or 2nd dynasty, ca. 3100-2700 BC, 1 roll seal, h.1,7 cm, diam. 1,6 cm, 1 line of 7 hieroglyphs.

Sumerian Presentation Scene Seal | MS 2077

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Umma, Sumer, reign of King Ibbi-Sîn, 2029-2004 BC, tetrahedral bulla, in cuneiform script by the scribe Gududu son of Dadaga, with hole for the rope in the middle.


MS in Egyptian on blue faience, Egypt, 1333-1323 BC, 1 oval cartouche shaped stamp seal, signet in a 20th c. gold ring with rich filigree work, 1,5x1,0 cm, 1 line in hieroglyphs.