14. Papyri & Ostraca

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There are nearly 1100 Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Demotic, Greek, Aramaic, Coptic, Arabic and Syriac papyri in the collection. They document all periods of Egypt’s history and culture. In addition to papyrus the writing materials are parchment, stone, clay, wood, bone, textiles, glass, faience, copper, and gold.
Royal Canopic Chest Name Label | MS 604
MS in Middle Egyptian on gold, Egypt, XIII dynasty, 1794-1645 BC, 1 partial sheet, 14x8 cm, single column, 1 column of formal hieroglyphs.
Book of the Dead | MS 1638

MS in Middle Egyptian on papyrus, Abydos, Egypt, mid 18th Dynasty, 15th c. BC, 2 large parts of a scroll.

Miniature 'Rosetta Stones' | MS 204
MS in Middle Egyptian and Greek on opaque red and turquoise glass, Cusae, Egypt, reign of Ptolemaios IV, 221-205 BC, 2 plaques, single column, 5 lines in cursive hieroglyphs and Greek uncial.
Book of the Dead | MS 125
MS in Middle Egyptian on linen, Egypt, 19th dynasty, 325-30 BC, 1 f., 19x64 cm, single column, (17x62 cm), 17 lines in a clear upright Hieratic script, reading from right to left.
Papyrus Dictionary | MS 189
MS in Middle Egyptian on wooden board, Egypt, 1st c. BC, 1 board, 16x13 cm, single column, 12 +10 lines in Hieratic script.
Land Sale & Tax Receipt | MS 150

MS in Demotic and Greek, Crocodilopolis, Egypt, 15 December 124 BC, 1 papyrus, Demotic documentary script. Text 2: In Greek, Hermonthis, 3 August 123 BC, Greek cursive documentary script.

Marriage Settlement | MS 161

MS in Demotic on papyrus, Pathyris, Egypt, 97-96 BC, 1 papyrus, 42x31 cm, single column, 12 lines in a Demotic documentary script.

Chaereas & Callirrhoe | MS 2930
MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 2nd c., part of a scroll, 17x8 cm, 1 column remaining, (12x6 cm) 21+23 lines in Greek half uncial.