15. Bindings & Bookboxes

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Out of a collection of some 130 items, nine (9) items are presented online in this section. Relevant items found in other parts of the total Schoyen Collection are also highlighted.

Nag Hammadi Binging | MS 1804/1 (1)
Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 2nd half of 4th c., sheep leather, stained brown on the hair side, made from one piece of leather, 34x43-45 cm.
11 Chained Bindings

11 chained bindings, Germany, 14th -15th c.

Breviary: Melk | MS 049
MS in Latin on paper, Melk, Austria, ca. 1476, 292 ff. (complete), 32x21 cm, 2 columns, (19x13 cm), 29-34 lines in a Gothic hybrid book script of medium quality.
The Ellesmere Bible | MS 692 (1)
MS in Latin on vellum, England, ca. 1220-1240, 520 ff. (complete), 24x17 cm, 2 columns, (17x11 cm), 49 lines in a skilled, clear rotunda Gothic book script of medium quality, 14th c. notes, headings in red, large, 2-to 4-line, decorated initials throughout in red and blue with extensive and unusually varied pen flourishes, by a skilled and sometimes quite exuberant artist.
The Sunnfjord Boss | MS 5579/1
Boss for the upper cover of a book binding or cumdach (book shrine) for an Irish MS in bronze gilt with one amber inlay, with 8 further gem settings, Ireland 750-800.
Lombardus: The Great Gloss | MS 258 (1)

MS in Latin on vellum, Paris, France, ca. 1200, in regular early Gothic book script of high grade by at least 3 scribes, marginal glosses within elegant triangular designs in an exquisite Gothic book script, related to the finest MSS of the workshop of Ptolemy's Almagest.

Limoges Cospel Book Cover | MS 4613

Upper cover of a Gospel book, originally on wooden boards, with Christ in majesty holding a gospel book within a mandorla, surrounded by the 4 gospel symbols.

Serbian Gospel Book Cover | MS 4574

Copper gilt upper cover of a gospel book in central panel the Crucifixion, with Christ flanked by the Virgin and St. John.