4.8 Native American

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Divinatory Manual | MS 2960

MS in Valdivian on grey limestone, Ecuador, 3500-1500 BC, central panel of 2 triangles and 1 parallelogram separated by double lines, filled with 8+5+4 drilled holes, surrounded by 4 rectangular panels within double lines filled with drilled holes.

Unidentified Maya Glyphs | MS 2959

MS in Maya on green-blue jade, Costa Rica, 600-900, 1 celt, 10,5x2,6x0,6 cm, 1 column of 3 glyphs, hole for a string.

Codex Vase: Burial Texts & Chants | MS 693

MS in Maya on clay, Northern Petén, Guatemala, ca. 900, 1 cylindrical vase, inscribed with square Mayan late classic or post-classic hieroglyphs in a bold script in the "codex vase" style, resembling the script of Codex Madrid.

Aztec Glyphs | MS 2958

MS in Aztec on shell, Mexico, ca. 900, 1 pendant, 5,5x8,7x0,6 cm, 1 line with 2 glyphs, 2 holes for a string.

Inca Quipu | MS 718

Quipu in Incan, Coastal Peru, ca. 12th c. or earlier, suspended in a woollen cord 85 cm long, 4 mm thick, all cords have 2 large knots at different positions, surmounted by up to 3 small knots in upper part.

Eskimo Glyphs | MS 2957

MS in Sugpiak on reindeer bone, South Alaska, ca. 18th c., 4 lines of Eskimo glyphs and illustrations of herds.

Piankashaw Deed | MS 2778

MS in English on vellum, Vincennes, Indiana, U.S.A., 18 October 1775, 1 f., 76x69 cm, 58 long lines of notarial cursive script, 12 Piankashaw Indian totems (name glyphs) with 11 red lacquer seals.

Iroquois or Shawnee Mide Roll | MS 2922

MS in Iroquois or Shawnee on birchbark, Ohio/New York State, 19th c., 1 partial roll, 5x16 cm, single column, (5x16 cm), 2+2 lines, 9+14 pictographs and name glyphs. Context: An Objibwa mide roll, see MS 4535.


MS in Ojibwa on birch bark, Western Great Lakes, U.S.A., mid 19th c., 1 roll flattened out, 11x43 cm, single column, (8x30-34 cm), 2+2 lines, 20+17 pictographs and name glyphs.