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MS in Norwegian, Italian and English on paper, Bergen, 4th September 1873, 2 pp + 2 blank pp, 35x24 cm, single column (34x22 cm) ruled on 12 staves.

MS palimpsest on vellum, Medina, 644-656 (text 1) and 632-650 (text 2) 1 f 37x28 cm, single column (34x26 cm) 24 + 20 lines in Ti'm (or Hijazi) script.

MS in Greek on bronze, Lycia, Turkey, 24 July 46 BC, 1 bronze plaque, 88x53 cm, single column (80x50 cm), 78 lines in Greek capitals, within a frame of double lines.

MS in German on paper, Dresden, 1845, 450 pp. (complete), 35x28 cm, single column, (30x26 cm), 12-20 ruled lines, lithograph of Wagner's autograph 

MS and virtual reality plotter graphics in English, Italian and Portuguese on paper, Roma, 2008.

MS and virtual reality plotter graphics in English, French and Portuguese on paper, New York, 1993, 

MS in Italian and English on paper, Oslo, 1982, 11 pp., 30x12 cm, (29x37 cm), mostly not ruled, photocopy of the 1968 version of music in graphic notation within 11 fields, the field M I added in red throughout, autograph. 

In EngliIsh on paper, London, 1932, 1 f., 27x18 cm, 2 lines in cursive script, 1 aquarel autograph, signed.

MS in Norwegian on paper, Oslo, 1955 (text 1), 1980-1983 (text 2-3), 6 pp., 29x19 cm, single column (up to 26x16 cm), up to 24 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed 6 times, 3 pen drawings.

 Cornelius Jakhelln: Rikke gidder ikke; children's novel MS in Norwegian on paper, Oslo, 2007, 2 proof sets of 61 pp. (complete)

MS in Ge'ez and old Amharic (text 2) on vellum, Gondar, Ethiopia, ca. 1682-1706, 106 ff. (complete), 35x33 cm, 2 columns, (23x25 cm). 

MS in Ge'ez on vellum, Ethiopia, 1438-1468, & 14th c., 217 ff. (complete), 26x20 cm, 2 columns, (ca. 18x15 cm), 19-22 lines in Ethiopic Ge'ez book script by the scribe Natna'êl.