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MS in English on paper, Gloucester, 1931, 3 pp 31x23 cm written in single and double staff notation, with corrections and multiple cues, titled "Choral Fantasia, Violin I, Desk I", autograph, signed.
MS in French on paper, Paris, 1930, 8 pp, notated on 3 systems of 4 staves each, with dedication, autograph, signed, with accompanying autograph letter, 1 p signed.
MS in French on paper, Montfort-Amaury, France, 1925-1926, upper part of 1 p 10x29 cm, ruled with 8 staves, notated on 2 staves, autograph, signed.

MS in French on paper, Paris, 1909, upper part of 1 p 10x26 cm, ruled with 7 staves, short score draft notated on 3 staves, autograph.

MS in Czech and Italian on paper, Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1887 and 1918-1919, 12 pp, notated in full orchestral score with heavy corrections, autograph.
Ms in German on paper, Järvenpää, Finland, 1906, 4 pp 34x27 cm, ruled with 9 lines
MS in German on paper, München 1902, 4 pp 35x27 cm, ruled with 12 staves, in four staff notation, Stichvorlage, autograph, signed.
Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 1 in c-minor, 1st movement, sketches for the reworking of the Linz version into the Wien version, bars 94-97, the violin, bass, trombone and horn parts
MS in German on paper, Praha, 17.5.1885, 1 p 23x33 cm, 9 bars noted on two systems with two staves each, autograph, signed
MS in Czech on paper, Jabkenice, 10 April 1882, 1 p 11x20 cm, 8 bars noted on one system with 2 and 3 staves, identification and explanations in cursive script, autograph, signed.
MS in Italian on paper, Wien, ca 1760-1787, 207 ff (complete) 23x35 cm, ruled with 8 staves (19x25 cm) notated on 2-6 stave systems by professional copyist, title page with two paper blindstamped authorisation seals with Lyre design and Gluck's name

MS in Tudor English on paper, Westminster, ca 1628-1659, 15 pp including two title pp, 32x21 cm, notated on 10 staves per page with some corrections